Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quick Dinner

So I get done working at 6:00 tonight and I know I still have to fix dinner for all the kids plus hubby when I get home who, by the way is never satisfied with fish sticks and fries if you know what I mean. I make the usual end of the day stop at my local Brookshires grocery store to search for something quick and easy. My choice tonight was Gourmet Dining's Beef Sir Fry. It has everything in the package to make a meal for about four people. I'm usually skeptical about these meal in a bag type things but this was really delicious and a real hit with even the smallest kids. The vegetables tasted really fresh and delicious and the sauce was tasty and not overwhelming. The best part was it took me about ten minutes to prepare from bag to plates. everyone asked for seconds though so you may want to pick up two bags if you have more than four people eating. At my store they also offered two different shrimp varieties and the retail price was $5.79

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