Sunday, December 14, 2008

Women of Many Hats

There are plenty of blogs and websites out there dedicated to stay-at-home moms and WAHMs(work-at-home moms). This site is dedicated to the vast majority of us who are out there working everyday and trying to take care of our family and home at the same time. How do we do it all? Get up at the crack of dawn, get the kids ready for school or off to daycare, get ourselves ready, go work an eight hour day, run our errands, come home, supervise homework, cook dinner, give the kids baths, get em ready for bed...get up and do it again...Whew! I'm tired, How about you? This blog was set up as a spot to gather tips and hints we all need to make our hectic lives easier. Check in often to find recipes, parenting tips, organization hints and more...
Working Moms need to stick together and share what works.

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